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Be Strong and Courageous

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In this book, I share my journey of obedience to God's call—a journey that was definitely not my own. You will hear the pain, confusion, and fear I felt as I struggled to understand God’s intentions for me. I wrestled with the question of why God would lead me down a road that seemed to be taking me further from the dreams I thought He had given me, rather than closer to them.


Can you relate? Maybe you, too, are having a hard time trusting God as you enter a new chapter of your life. Read my story as I reveal how the love and grace of my Savior finally penetrated my pain and became the ultimate foundation for me in learning how to truly Be Strong and Courageous.

What readers have said:

"Definitely recommending this book. I bought two extra copies for friends. Amazing story about trusting God even if you don't like and/or understand what he's called you to do. It's easy to read and full of wisdom. I love Barbara's sense of humor. I had a smile of my face many times while reading the book... I love the cross on the front page and the story behind it. Very powerful."

"This is a book of encouragement to the reader who seeks to walk by Faith. It recounts a journey of choosing, again and again, to follow the Divine Will rather than the author's own. The gift of this book is its authentic voice... You will surely be inspired. The book ends on a high note and left this reader wishing for more details."

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