Be Strong and Courageous

God is Ever-Present


Have you ever heard people make pious statements like, "When God is in control, there is perfect peace"?  Do you sometimes find these platitudes overwhelming?  Is peace your typical reaction in situations in which God is in control but you are not?  Or do you instead feel a little more like "When God is in control, there is perfect panic"? 


In this autobiographical book, Barbara shares her journey of obedience to God's call—a journey she knew was the Lord's will but one which was definitely not of her own choosing.  She chronicles the pain, the confusion, and the fear that she felt as she struggled to understand God’s intentions for her.  She wrestled with questions as to why God would lead her down a road that seemed to be taking her further away from her dreams, rather than closer to them.


Perhaps you can relate to the challenges that Barbara experienced in trusting God in this new "chapter" of her life.  Follow along with her story as she reveals how the love and grace of her Savior finally penetrated her pain. Experience how the Lord Jesus Christ became her ultimate foundation in learning how to truly Be Strong and Courageous.

Barbara Fiscus, M.A., CCLC 

What people are saying about Be Strong and Courageous:






"I can hear your voice in these pages as well as your heart of passion while wrapped in questions. Looking forward to reading more!"




"Your story will touch a cord and resonate with many who are searching for answers and clarity as they seek God's heart and plan for them."

"I should've prepared myself reading your book... I can't stop reading to finish what I had planned for the day... Thank you for writing this... Every word pulled a string in my heart, not only cause I feel or understood what/how you feel but somehow/sometime I felt the same way and to know that I am not the only one... gave me hope, refreshed my point of view... I can't wait to finish the book!"

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